Photography Courses

Photography Courses

Photography Workshops

in English (for Turkey in Istanbul)

Photoplay welcomes you to our Workshops in English

With 12 years of experience, more than 40 different photography workshops, more than 300 photographic tours in and out of Turkey, more than 15k trainees, the most suggested photography training center; ‘Photoplay’ is now offering to share all his experience to English speaking foreign students, short/longtime residents, individuals who seek to start learning or advance their skills about photography.

If you are amongst those;

·        Who are looking to explore photography beyond ‘point and shoot’,

·       Who believe Photography is about ‘making’ pictures, not just ‘taking’ them,

·      Who wants to understand and explore her/his camera’s functions beyond casual snapshots,

·       Who would like to develop a solid understanding of photography from camera handling to getting the right exposure, optimizing manual functions, shooting with correct composition, post processing your photographs,

then you are the right candidate to join our workshops.

What we offer is to develop your photographic eye through a blend of lectures, practical assignments and critiques. At the end of the workshops, participants will not only take better photographs but will be able to mark their works with their own style of shooting techniques and will differ significantly from the rest of photo shooters. And we do all of these while having fun during our workshops.

Theoretical classes, practice at the field, critics, photo marathons are all part of our workshops.

Contact with us and share your current understanding\experience of photography and your target. We will define a program that best matches to your unique travel through photography including timing to satisfy your availability.

Some (not all) of the workshop topics that we can offer are;

·         How your camera works, parts of your camera, 

·         Aperture and Depth of Field, Shutter Speed,

·         Crop Factor, White Balance, ISO, Focusing, 

·         Exposure; Relation between Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO,

·        Lenses, which lens to use and when,

·         Shooting Techniques, Shooting Modes, Camera Handling,

·         Using Light, Light Measurement Systems, Camera Flash, Exposure Compensation,

·         Composing for better photographs,

·         Using Photoshop for post-processes,

·         Shooting techniques at a studio,

·         Portrait Photography,

·         Landscape Photography,

·         Shooting architecture,

·         Macro Photography,

·         Travel Photography

·         Street photography,

·         Studio Photography,

·         Manipulative shooting and pos-process techniques,

·         Advanced shooting techniques (night photography, long exposure stars shooting, low-key, panoramic, long exposure, silhouette, zoom in-out, traffic trails, double exposure, painting with light, panning, hdr, still life, …),

·         Shooting practices at the field for all workshops mentioned.


Photoplay urges you to get in touch with our Photography instructor, Burak Şenbak through contact details given below and discuss what Burak can offer you in line with your objectives and time-plan.


You can apply individually as well as discuss advancing your photographic possibilities as a group. Burak will prepare a tailor-made workshop for you.


Burak Şenbak

PhotoPlay Instructor

Mobile: +905322035220

Whatsapp: +90 532 203 52 20


Instagram: burak_senbak



Photographic Resume of Burak Şenbak:



Born in 1965, Istanbul Turkey. Mechanical engineer with M.B.A. and freelance photographer. Lives in Istanbul, Turkey.


Secretary General for the period 2011-2013 and Vice President of the Board for 2013-2015 at İFSAK (Istanbul Photography & Cinema Amateurs’ Club - a non-profit association standing for 60 years).



Member of FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art),

Member of PSA (Photographic Society of America), National Membership Director for Turkey.

Member of GPU (Global Photographers Union),

Honorary Member of Sille Sanat Sarayı (Sille Art Gallery),

Honorary Member of SİFAD (Sinop Amateur Photographers’ Club)

Founding member of BÜFOD (Büyükçekmece Photography Club),

Member of İFSAK (Istanbul Photography & Cinema Amateurs’ Club),

Member of BOFSAD (Halikarnas Bodrum Photographic Arts Club),

Member of AFFD (Afyon Frig Photography Club).



Participated to many exhibitions. His essays and critics about photography topics published on many web sites and magazines. Curator of many different photography projects\exhibitions. Rendered consultancy services to many clubs, institutions and companies on national and international level including but not limited to project management, photography workshops, events, photography days and juror. Approved expert for courts on photography related law cases.


Conducts workshops both in Turkish & English at photo clubs, private companies, public institutions, universities about photography, advanced shooting skills, lenses, light, composition, HDR, Panoramic Photography, Infrared Photography, Night Photography, Portrait and Photoshop. Photography instructor at Photoplay, İFSAK and BÜFOD.


Solo Exhibitions:

2014 – Until we come back, İstanbul Turkey

2018 - Diversity, Malinski Photo Festival, Kumanovo Makedonia